Hancock Recreation Access Program

The Hancock Recreation Access program allows access to thousands of acres of privately owned timberland in western Washington.  There are two types of recreation access permits available for purchase – motorized and non-motorized.  Motorized access allows travel by car or truck on the property.  Non-motorized permits (limited to White River) allow hiking, bicycling and horseback riding on the property.  Absolutely no ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles or target shooting are allowed. 

Motorized and Non-motorized Permits

The areas open for motorized access are Kapowsin Timberlands, Eatonville Forest, and White River Forest.  The areas that are also open for non-motorized access are White River Forest.  You may access Kapowsin and Eatonville by horseback, walking or bicycling only if you have a motorized access permit as there is currently not a non-motorized access program for these areas.  To see a map of the areas and for more information, click on the tab on the left side of your screen for the area where you are interested in access. 

Camping Program

Camping permits are available for Kapowsin and White River forests.  Purchasers of camping permits must already have a motorized or a non-motorized access permit in order to receive a camping permit.  Please read the permit Rules & Regulations for complete details.