Motorized Recreation Access at Eatonville

Eatonville motorized access permits allow entry to Eatonville Forest.  All access requires a permit including entry by bicycle, horseback and walk-in. 

Permits allow access for families, defined for the purpose of this permit as legally married spouses and their children under age 19.  Permits cost $275 and are limited to 300 permits.  Eatonville permits sell out early!

Up to five cords of firewood can be cut or gathered from designated areas during specific times of the year with a motorized recreation access permit if it is available.  See the Firewood tab for more information.

Purchasers of a motorized recreation access permit between March 19th, 2018 and May 7th, 2018 are automatically entered into the elk hunting drawing where ONE permit holder will be randomly drawn to hunt bull elk on Eatonville Forest.  See the Elk Drawing tab for more information.

Please read the Motorized Access Rules & Regulations for complete details before purchasing your permit.