Frequently Asked Questions about Camping Permits

What changes are being made in 2017?

Camping permits are now available on Kapowsin and White River at no extra charge.  You must already have an annual motorized permit to receive a camping permit. Please stay tuned as we revise our website to reflect a camping permit request (similar to a 2nd sticker request).


What permits do we need to camp?

You must have a motorized recreation access permit or a non-motorized recreation access permit and a camping permit.  Everyone in your party must be listed on your recreation access permit. 


When I buy a permit, what can I expect?

You will be emailed a receipt that you MUST print and carry with you.  You will receive a placard in the mail that will identify your vehicle and your camping equipment (2-part placard) while you are camping.


Where can we camp?

You may camp in designated areas as shown on the map.


How do we sign in?

Sign-in cards are available at the entrance gate kiosks.  Check the ‘Camping’ box on the card.  As an alternative, campers may sign in on-line, print out the page and deposit it in the box as they enter the property.  Campers will also be required to indicate where they are camping.  If the location changes, campers must return to the gate within 24 hours to submit a corrected sign-in card.


What restrictions apply?

Keep in mind that you will be camping on private property and certain restrictions apply.  No alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs are allowed, campers may drive on forest roads from 1 ½ hours before or 1 ½ hours after sunset, and quiet hours from 10PM to 7AM must be observed.  For complete details, see Camping Rules & Regulations.


Can we bring family or friends that do not have a recreation access permit?

All campers must be listed on the motorized recreation access permit or the non-motorized family permit. 


Can we have a campfire?

Campfires are allowed within campgrounds outside the state-set fire season, so fires are generally not allowed from April 15th through October 15th.  All other times of the year (April 1st- April 14th and October 16th - March 30th) fires are allowed within campgrounds only and must be contained by a fire ring that is 3 feet or less in diameter.  See the Rules and Regulations for complete information and announcements on the web site home page for any changes in fire season.


Can we cut firewood or do we need to bring our own?

Campers may cut small amounts of firewood for use in campgrounds only from designated firewood cutting areas.  Any firewood removed from the property must have a firewood tag attached.


How long can we stay?

The maximum length of stay at any one time is 14 consecutive days and is limited to 14 days in a month.  After 14 days, all camping equipment must be removed from the property.


Can we bring our motor home or RV?

Yes, you are welcome to drive your motor home or RV or bring your camp trailer.  Please be aware that roads are all gravel and are maintained to standards appropriate for logging traffic.


Are there hook-ups?  Is there drinking water available?

Hook-ups and drinking water are not available.  All camps are primitive and are dry camps.


Can we camp in a tent?



Can we drive around at night?

All nighttime driving outside of campground is prohibited from 1 ½ hours after sunset to 1 ½ hours before sunrise.  Driving outside of campground area is allowed for emergencies only from 1 ½ hours after sunset to 1 ½ hours before sunrise.


Can I reserve a place to camp?

No reservations are available.  Campers may not leave vehicles or camping equipment in campsites with the intention of reserving the site.


Is there a guarantee that we will find a place to camp?

There is no guarantee, but our goal is to have enough camping sites available to accommodate most permits sold if everyone camps close together.


What if all the camping areas are full?

There may be times when sites are not available.  Campers may camp closer together to accommodate additional camps.


What happens if I break the rules?

All of the Camping Rules & Regulations as well as Rules & Regulations for the motorized or non-motorized permit must be followed.  Failure to follow all rules may result in revocation of the camping permit and the motorized or non-motorized permit.


Who do we call if someone else is breaking the rules?

Please leave a message at the toll-free line at 1-800-782-1493 or on-line at the 'Contact Us' tab.  Please leave a detailed message with permit numbers, license plate numbers, and the rule that was being broken and a phone number where you can be reached for more information.