Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes decisions for the Recreation Program?

Hancock Forest Management manages the recreation programs on behalf of 4 landowners and 2 other land managers.

Why the change from family permit to an individual permit?

After routine legal review of the program by Hancock Forest Management, it was determined that each adult 18 and over would need to sign their own liability if Hancock were to continue to manage the program. This requires spouses to be on a separate permit and sign their own liability form.

What determines the price?

The pricing structure was a collaborative decision by all land managers enrolled in the program.

We reviewed the amount of spouses listed on the permit when sold with additional information gathered from check in cards at kiosks. We took this data into consideration when determining the appropriate price point.

Pricing is also largely determined not only by current market conditions but also expenses related to the program. One of more notable expenses is security. Security is responsible for making a safe recreation environment including the minimization of trespassing, vandalism, theft, poaching, etc. Additional costs arise from purchasing keys, hang tags/stickers, materials for packets, mailing packets, and landowner personal time to work on the program.

Is the 2 point minimum buck harvest still in effect for Kapowsin and Eatonville?

Yes, minimum buck harvest is a 2 point minimum. A change for 2019 was to eliminate the doe harvest in an effort to increase deer populations over time and ultimately provide a better hunting experience, long term.There are no additional hunting restrictions on White River, with the exception of the winter motorized access restriction.

What happened to the special Spring Bear Permit?

With low permit sales and the high unit cost of running the program, we decided to merge the Spring Bear Permit with general permit sales. Spring Bear hunting will still follow WDFW regulations with no hunting over bear feeders. An updated map of the allowed hunting areas is available per email request.

What are the benefits to the program in 2019/2020?

For the upcoming 2019-2020 recreation season, we have increased the amount of Elk Draw Tags available for the Kapowsin tree farm, increasing from 8 to 11. With the permit price reduced to $300, the price of one entry into the draw has decreased with the likelihood of being drawn for the tag increasing.

The allowable firewood amount will remain at 5 cords for this upcoming season with the permit price being reduced. This would allow a couple to take 10 cords of firewood off in a single season, for $60 per cord and allow access the rest of the permit season.Eatonville and White River have been decreased to 3 cords of firewood per permit holder.

With the individual permit, you are signing for the liability of anyone under the age of 18 that is accessing the tree farm with you. This mean that if you are a grandparent, you can bring in grandkids under your permit, as long as they are under 18 years old and you understand you are assuming liability.



We would like to thank you for your feedback regarding the 2019-20 recreation program changes.  We value all feedback and want to make this an enjoyable place to recreate now and in the future.


Thank you,

Hancock Forest Management