Snoqualmie Forest Family Non-motorized One Day Recreation Access Permit and Release of Liability Agreement

The undersigned Permittees may enter lands located near Snoqualmie, Washington (Snoqualmie Forest) owned by various owners (Owners) and managed by Hancock Forest Management (Hancock) for recreational purposes through the entrance points identified on the back hereof.

Permittees will comply with all laws of the State of Washington and with the Non-motorized Recreation Access Rules and Regulations. Owners and Hancock reserve the right to modify the Rules and Regulations at any time and such modifications shall be binding on Permittees. Permittees may hunt and fish on Hancock managed properties and all persons hunting and fishing, tribal and nontribal, are required to abide by the state laws, rules and regulations set by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Commission. VIOLATORS THEREOF WILL INVALIDATE THIS PERMIT AND ARE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL OR CIVIL CHARGES FOR RCW OR WAC VIOLATIONS, INCLUDING TRESPASS.

This permit is for recreational access only. Permittees agree not to cut, damage or destroy any timber located on Snoqualmie Forest. The cutting, damaging or destroying of any such timber shall be considered willful trespass and Permittees shall be liable to the Owners in a sum equal to three times the damage sustained on account of the cutting, damaging or destruction of such timber. Permittees shall pay Owners for all other damage to Snoqualmie Forest caused directly or indirectly by the acts or omissions of Permittees.

WARNING! POSSIBLE DANGEROUS CONDITIONS! Permittees are cautioned that Snoqualmie Forest is primarily used for the production of forest products and that Snoqualmie Forest may include very dangerous conditions (including, without limitation, the presence of log trucks, rock trucks or other forest harvesting and management vehicles, equipment and operations including chemical application). Many roads and sites on Snoqualmie Forest are primitive and not maintained. Neither Owners nor Hancock make any representations, warranties or guarantees as to the fitness, safety or suitability of any portion of Snoqualmie Forest (including, without limitation, the roads, other improvements and all other aspects or conditions of Snoqualmie Forest) for any recreational use or vehicle. There may be unmarked hazards on Snoqualmie Forest and Permittees agree to assume the risk of such unmarked hazards.

Permittees expressly assume all risks that are in any way related to their activities on Snoqualmie Forest, and all risks incident to the condition of Snoqualmie Forest (including, without limitation, the roads, other improvements and all other aspects or conditions of Snoqualmie Forest). Permittees waive all claims against Owners, Hancock and their respective agents, property managers, employees, affiliated entities and contractors, for injury to or death of any person or persons or damage to property in connection with the access granted by this Permit or the condition of Snoqualmie Forest (including, without limitation, the roads, other improvements and all other aspects or conditions of Snoqualmie Forest). Permittees shall adhere to all requests of Owners and Hancock with regard to gates and/or other methods to limit unauthorized access to Snoqualmie Forest.

This permit may not be sold, assigned or in any manner transferred or encumbered in whole or in part. Any attempted sale, assignment, subletting or other attempted transfer shall be void. This permit is not for resale, transfer or personal gain.

By accepting this permit, Permittees agree to reimburse, indemnify, defend and hold Owners, Hancock and their respective, property managers, employees, affiliated entities and contractors, harmless from and against all claims, causes of action (including, without limitation, those relating to personal injury), liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney fees and costs at trial and on appeal) of any nature arising from any acts or omissions of Permittees while using Snoqualmie Forest or violation of the terms of this Permit (including, without limitation, failure to abide by the rules and regulations on the back of this Permit).

Owners and Hancock shall not be obligated to provide any rescue services or any other type of emergency services on Snoqualmie Forest. However, if Owners or Hancock do engage in such emergency services on behalf of Permittees, Permittees agree to reimburse Owners and Hancock for all costs and expenses incurred in performing such services, and agree to hold Owners and Hancock harmless for any and all personal injury or damage to property resulting from such emergency services.

We certify under penalty of perjury that the above information is true and correct. We acknowledge that we have read the terms of this Permit and the Recreation Access Rules and Regulations and understand the same. We agree to show this Permit and photo identification to any law enforcement officer and any representative of Owners and/or Hancock.

Family Non-motorized Recreation Access Rules and Regulations for Snoqualmie Forest

1. This permit allows access to Snoqualmie Forest by foot, animal or bicycle. Permit is for the personal use of a single family and is non-transferable. Permit only allows access to the property for the permit holder and his or her immediate family (i.e., a legally recognized spouse and children under age 19). IF PERMIT HOLDER ALLOWS ANY OTHER PERSON TO ENTER THE PROPERTY, THIS PERMIT SHALL BE AUTOMATICALLY REVOKED.

2. A signed permit must be in the possession of the permit holder and permit holder will show permit and photo identification to any law enforcement officer and/or any representative of Hancock as requested. Permit will not be replaced for any reason.

3. Access dates are from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020. Access is allowed any day of the week from one and one half hours before sunrise to one and one half hours after sunset. No access is allowed on July 3rd, 4th or 5th. The property owners reserve the right to limit or prohibit access to any portion of the property due to safety, fire hazard, extreme weather or other asset protection reason. Property owners may add or delete access areas by posting signs as the only notification to permit holders.

4. Permit holder may not ride in any motorized vehicle while on Snoqualmie Forest while accessing property with a Non-motorized Recreation Access permit. Failure to abide by this rule will result in loss of Non-motorized Recreation Access permit and driver of vehicle to loose Motorized Vehicle Recreation Access permit.

5. Permit holder may not build new trails or enhance existing trails without written permission from Hancock Forest Management.

6. Permit holder may not or permit others to: (i) Use or possess (whether on his or her person or in a vehicle) alcohol or illegal drugs while on the property; or (ii) enter or remain on the property while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. In addition to above, RCW 46.61.519 and RCW 46.61.005 apply while on property.

7. No fires, open flame, fireworks or any other items or activities that may cause fires. Smoking is not allowed.

8. No firewood cutting allowed except for camping with a Camping Permit.

9. Camping is allowed only with a separate Camping Permit. Go to for more information.

10. Berries, mushrooms and other forest products may be picked for personal use. No Christmas tree cutting.

11. No littering or dumping of garbage

12. No target shooting. Firearms may be used for hunting during hunting seasons authorized by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) only. Bag limits and regulations established by the WDFW apply. Property managed by Hancock Forest Management is not considered “open and unclaimed” for the purposes of treaty hunting.

13. Dogs and other animals must be under owner’s control. No hounds are allowed on property during any deer or elk season.

14. When game is harvested, game harvest cards must be filled out and left in box at gate before leaving property.

15. Permit holder must abide by all signs posted on the property and the instructions of any Hancock Forest Management employee or representative.

16. Permit holder must abide by all modifications to these rules and regulations. Permit holder must report any accident that occurs while on property to Hancock office at 1-800-782-1493.



I have read and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations. Click link to view Rules and Regulations to enable this checkbox.