What's new?

What’s new in 2016?

Based on input from our customers and land owners, some changes are being made in the 2016 recreation access program.  Please read below for details.


Permit sales –

 There will be no presale of permits this year. Permit sales will be staged by area and a schedule will be posted soon:

In order to get permit sales away from the busy holiday season, 2015 permits will be valid through March 30, 2015.  The 2016 permit sales will begin early in the year rather than being sold late the prior year.

There is one last change that has been brought to our attention -- PayPal may no longer provide an option to purchase without registering for an account.  You MUST have a username and password to establish an account.  This change was made without our knowledge and we do apologize for the inconvenience.


Kapowsin –

The cost of Kapowsin permits will remain the same, with a maximum of 1200 permits available. Camping permits have been reduced in price to $100. 


Eatonville –

The maximum number of permits to be sold will remain at 300. The cost of permits will remain at $275.


White River

The White River recreation access program will continue in 2015, however there have been some significant changes made. There will be 500 motorized access permits available to the general public. A 'Restricted Use Area' has been implemented, and can be viewed on the White River recreation access maps, which limits access to non-motorized access only, as well as no hunting, fishing, or collection of any kind. It should be noted that White River land owners are allowed motorized access, hunting, fishing, and collection throughout the entirety of the property. 

 The motorized permit price will remain the same at $250.

The price for non-motorized access permits will stay the same in 2015.  The prices are $45 for an annual individual permit, $80 for an annual family permit, $8 for a day-use individual permit and $15 for a day-use family permit. 


Camping at Kapowsin, & White River –

The price of camping permits will be reduced in price from $200 to $100 for the season.